Word of the Week

Young Professionals!

A new development at Washington Plaza is the growth of the young professionals group. Those of us under 40 are beginning to meet together on a regular basis both for the fun of being together but supporting each other in the community called Washington Plaza that we love.

Kevin and I hosted the group at our house on Saturday evening. We had a hilarious time of trying out Katia and LaTia's games on their Wii.  We learned that my musical rhythm is lacking (surprised?) Edwina has never been bowling (must change this soon). LaTia can teach the newbies how to bowl well. Kevin makes rocking tapas. Ryan has hidden director skills. Katia is the master of the drums. Victor is really great at guitar hero (well on the easy cycle). And, Ellis picks out great wine. Among many other things. . . .

Thought I share these pictures as they are to be celebrated in the life of our church.

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