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Hello! I'm Elizabeth.

It’s so great to meet you here.

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I like to say I'm a "stable presence" on the internet.

I started my first blog in 2005 back when blogging wasn’t cool. Yet, even as internet trends and seasons of life have come and gone, I’ve still wanted to keep showing up here. I love to share stories. I love connecting with people like you. I love figuring out life together.

But you know what? I’m glad you’re here right now. It’s my favorite season so far!

Let's talk on Sundays?

This is currently my favorite outlet for writing. Getting to share encouragements—many of which I'm learning myself—on a weekly basis with the people in my closest circles... There's nothing quite like it. So if you could use a little encouragement each week (let's be honest, who couldn't), I'd love to send you an email on Sunday mornings.

Drop your email address in the box below, hit subscribe, and let's make Mondays the best thing since Saturdays.

“Elizabeth Hagan speaks from deep conviction and with raw vulnerability about the challenges and joys of life and faith. Her voice is a powerful counterpoint to slickly packaged religion that offers easy answers to life’s hardest questions. Instead, she is a leader who guides with authenticity and wisdom.”
Rev. Amy Butler
Author of Beautiful and Terrible Things and Founder of Invested Faith


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Difficult conversations are… well, difficult. As the church, we’re in a position to lean INTO those conversations, not away from them.

In Brave Church, we'll discuss...

Navigating difficult topics like mental illness, domestic violence, racism, and sexuality
Asking thought-provoking questions and initiating disarming conversations
Moving beyond "agreeing to disagree"
Launching a 6-week small group with the included Brave Church Group Guide

Can I share something with you?

I love to share with people. What good are the lessons we learn if they start and end with us?

The opportunity for others to learn from our own life experiences is what makes them so valuable. I love using words, both written and spoken, to bring people on a journey. Take a look.


These are labors of love, a piece of me out in the world, crafted to delicately tackle big topics deserving dedicated time to unpack and discuss.
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