Word of the Week

extThis blog is a shared journey between you and me about what it means to be a human being-- in all its ups and downs. And I'm so glad you found me!

Here and elsewhere on the web, I write about my own faith experiences.I write about the faith experiences of the congregations where I serve as pastor. I write about issues of faith that people on the "plazas" of life are talking about. I write about my pursuit for authenticity in my own soul and as I'm leading others to hopefully be the same. I write about what moves me and where I find the possibilities of new life in the dead places.

Sometimes these musings come in the form of prayers. Sometimes I'll post sermons and other times I'll post op-ed like pieces about what's on my mind.

In all of this, join me for the conversation!

All are welcome. Truly.  If you'd like to talk off line just contact me.