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Word of the Week: Wisdom

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Have you been in a hard space in your life lately? Have you felt confused or conflicted about a decision? Unclear about what step to take next?

To this very common experience, enter in this week's word: wisdom. Wisdom is defined as a reliable ability to judge and decide with soundness.

Sometimes we feel full of wisdom. Many times we don't.

Glennon Doyle, author of books such as the New York Times Best Seller, Love Warrior tells a story about being a young mom of three kids.

Her marriage was heading toward separation She’d not fully overcome her battle with bulimia, and her faith felt just as unstable as she looked on the outside. Yet, one day, much to her surprise she found herself at church attending a women's group meeting.

Being an open book personality, Glennon was first to speak up even as the new girl and spewed out the details of her troubles, going on and on about how hard her life was with detail after detail (for a long time!) . . . when one of the church ladies, Bette just looked at her and said, “Girl, what is going on with you?”

As Glennon kept going, she realized that Bette was not listening to her with wide eyes and OMGs! And NO HE DIDN’TS! as her younger friends usually did. In fact, Bette actually looked bored.

So Glennon said, “Bette, are you listening to me?”

She responded: “Oh, honey. Yes. I’m listening. And I’m sorry I’m not getting worked up with you. But the thing is that this stuff isn’t personal sweetheart- it’s just LIFE. You’ll make it through.”

Bette gestured toward a circle of her friends and added, “all of us have.” Then she squeezed Glennon's arm and went to pour more coffee.

Glennon writes later about this encounter saying, "These ladies knew life and life with God in a way in which I did not. That day I was shocked back into a new reality."

Such is the experience of being with wisdom-- someone bears witness to what we do not yet know (or see) yet.

Here's the update to the story: Glennon would find her way. It might have been a hard day, but it wasn't the end. And from staying close to that new circle of friends, she had the courage to make some bigger life changes bit by bit.

So this week, I'm wondering who speaks wisdom into your life? Stop and name a person or two. Then, think: when can you connect with them again soon?

I have to tell you, the closer I get to those who've lived and loved and experienced life to the fullest the more I start to feel that life is going to be ok.They, too, look at me with those loving eyes that say with their presence all will be well. And I believe them.

So today I'm saying the same thing to you: whatever you are going through right now, whatever is keeping you up at night, don't be afraid. Keep going.