Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Thrive

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Lately have you felt dragging? Have you simply been putting one foot in front of the other? Without energy to do anything more than you really had to do?

If so, I see you! While such is common experience, we may not associate it with our word of the week, thrive.

Thrive: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.

But I believe, we can thrive even when life is not picture perfect and we are bubbling over with energy. To thrive, you see, it not about the contents of what life has offered you.

You thrive when you do well with what you have.

You can in fact thrive even when life is weighing you down. You can thrive when you have less than you are used to having. You can thrive even when your day job does not bring you joy anymore.

Thriving, I think looks a lot like this:

A single mom waking up early-- even with all the demands on her day-- to go walking simply because it makes her feel alive.

A son whose father is under hospice with only weeks to live-- spending precious moments by his bedside, serving, listening and gleaming whatever wisdom he can.

Someone with 0% job satisfaction squirreling away moment in her sock drawer for her "go back to school fund" so that she can one day she can be qualified for that job that brings joy to her face.

For thriving can happen at any age, in any life situation and on any scale great or small.

Thriving happens with hope. Thriving happens with intention. Thriving happens when we make space in our life to lean toward what matters to us the most.

Your thriving might look nothing like your dear friend's thriving. Your thriving at 70 might not look like what it did at 60. Your thriving in the summer might not look like you're thriving in the winter. All of this is just as it should be!

In the meantime, I'd love to offer you this white paper, I created called, "10 Ways to Thrive in a Hard Season" It's full of ideas about music, books and activities to kickstart in your "thriving" plans. Feel free to forward to others who might find it helpful too!

Blessings on your next steps-