Word of the Week

Word of the Week: See

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Have you ever met a person on fire for life and ready to change the world? They'll do anything to help a good cause. They'll volunteer for any and all nonprofits. They'll even travel to a far away place to help after a natural disaster. 

But then there are others of us who can't do these things. Our time, the health of our bodies, or our emotional tanks just don't seem to have a lot to offer. Or, our gifts don't feel as big as others. So we sit on the sidelines.

But this morning, I want to offer you something that you can do no matter who you are. It's our word of the week: see. 

See: to be aware of, recognize. 

If you aren't in living solitary confinement, then you can do this any day, you can see the people around you.

Today, tomorrow, the next day . . . 

You can see the tears in the eyes of the grocery store clerk checking you out.

You can see the frustration in the words of your coworker. 

You can see the joy in the face of a child at the park.

You can see grief in the way your dear friend walks in a room. 

You can be aware. You can recognize. You can see. You can see a person. 

Then, in response you could say aloud what you see (we need people to see what we can't see in ourselves, right?). Other times, if you know the person well, your seeing might lead to a question full of curiosity. And other times, your seeing might mean nothing more than blessing the person back with your smile.

I know it doesn't sound revolutionary, but it is!

I can't tell you how many lonely people I meet in my work who are longing for this simple, but huge gift: for someone to notice them! 

Today, as I share this with you, it's Mother's Day in the US. it's a day when many are having joyful celebrations with their moms or their children, but simultaneously it's a day when many are sad. 

Mother's Day is a day full of as much grief as it is joy. 

So, it's a great day to practicing seeing what you can see. Open your eyes. See somebody. Notice what they say. Notice what they don't say. Be present even if it's just a moment you share. Help the other person know you notice.

This is how mountains of loneliness, sorrow and disappointment are moved for the good. See someone! Your impact will be monumental. 



P.S. For those of you struggling with observing Mother's Day today, here is  ​an inclusive prayer ​I wrote just for you. Also I'd love to share this article I published in ​TIME about ways the church can better see​ and care for those walking through infertility.