Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Miracle

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I've heard it said that people of faith sure do love the impossible.

Cancer. Infertility. A freak accident. A family member in hospice. These life-shattering events make so many of us want to call on God and ask for the word of the week: miracle.

Miracle, defined as extremely outstanding or unusual event, is a word we associate with the BIG STUFF of our lives.

But does it have to be?

I want to flip the word miracle around just a minute. Have you ever thought about relationships as miracles?

Several years ago I made a friend with a child the same age. We spent a lot of time together and quickly became close. But fast forward 3 years... this friend and I talk occasionally, but not like we used to. In fact, as I see it now the fact that we were friends in the first place is: a miracle.

It was a miracle because at our core we have radically different world views and values.The more we got to know each other, the more we were the odd couple, but not in a good way. Me being my best self was offensive and vice versa. So much hurt bubbled up as we kept trying to connect as much as we wanted to. Our core, God-given priorities took us in different directions.

I have to tell you that it took me a long time to celebrate the miracle birthed between us-- the unusual event for a special period of time-- and not hold on to it longer than it was meant to be. Or to wonder about what went wrong.

Miracles can be moments, you see. Not everything lasts forever.

Likewise, in the miracle called resurrection, Jesus offers this to Mary who finds him at the tomb, "Don't hold on to me" (John 20:17). I've always been intrigued by these words of Jesus because at they seem harsh (and I don't like Jesus being harsh). Yet I think Jesus offers it as an invitation to the future.

When you put miracles in the right place in your life, you can move forward in the future. You can widen the circle. You can have hope even when prayers don't get answered as you wish.

So this week, start with this: give voice to a miracle or two in your life. Name it. Celebrate it. And then let it be.

God is always doing a new thing. Do you have eyes to see it?



P.S. I recently read the best book on the topic of miracles-- it tells the story of a woman's bizarre car accident, pain that lingered and how encounters with her limitations gave her a tender new beginning. I recommend Sarah Bessey's latest book which you can find here.