Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Interruption

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Good Sunday morning to you, my friend!

Today, I'm thinking about how our recent experience of a global pandemic has been one big "I never saw this coming," right?

Everything about our lives, our work, our community life has been changed forever. What we've lived through is the definition of our word for this week: interruption.

Interruption is defined as something that causes a stoppage or break in the continuity of something.

Of course, I could go on and on about the negatives of the interruption called Covid-19. I have a long list. You have a long list. Many of you have lost loved ones. Others have lost jobs. All of have lost in these pass couple of years: FUN! Clearly, interruptions are full of consequences.

But are ALL interruptions bad?

When I think about what I have learned, this is where I land: clarity. With so much being "canceled" over the past couple of years-- so much hasn't.

I've seen there are dreams for my future I can't delay with more of "it's not the right time." I've seen friendships that need attention even if Zoom calls are how we talk. In my professional life, I've seen words that must be written or preached because I know how much they matter (because if not now, when?)

I love how author Sonya Renee Taylor sums it up: "We will not go back to normal. Normal never was. Our pre-corona existence was not normal other than we normalized greed, inequity, exhaustion, depletion, extraction, disconnection, confusion, rage, hoarding, hate and lack. We should not long to return to any of these friends. We are being given the opportunity to stitch a new garment."

And this is the gift of interruption: the new. We know what is ours to do. We see more clearly so we can head in that direction.

Would you be up for some deeper thinking on this? Here's your assignment to think about for the week:

What are you most curious about right now? Is there anything you did pre-Covid that you'd like to permanently discard?

As we all begin to go back to some new normal way of being in community with each other, it's good to stop and ponder what this HUGE interruption has taught you and how your insight is going to lead you in new ways.

On the journey with you this week-