Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Fear

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If there is anything I know for sure about the members of my household-- my girl child and my husband that is -- they are terrified of snakes. Though we live in Georgia now where snakes love the warmer climate, I'm just hoping we never go through the ordeal of finding one in our house. Just say the word snake and this week's word is written all over their face: fear.

Fearan unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger

Let’s face it. we all know fear. To be a walking, talking, living, breathing human being means that we’re all afraid of something. And it’s ok. Fear will always be a companion for our journeys (and don't let anyone tell you otherwise).

But should fear get the last word?

Recently, I was invited to a night out that sounded kind of fun - in theory. Wine. Cheese. Moms like me. I knew I could use a night out of the house. My husband was ready to be in charge of the bedtime routine. However, the one person I knew in the group was going to be out of town.

A great reason to skip, right? Especially when I am so tired at night anyway.

But then, I just said, “What the heck? I’ll go.”

And let me tell you, I could feel the fear in my cute boots (especially picked out for the evening, of course) as I approached the house hosting the party. But I didn't turn around and go home.

Walking in, I felt pleasantly surprised with the conversation that found me. By facing my fear, I felt bolstered to enjoy the night by just being with some new people I was glad to get to know.

I don't know what your version of something that you need to try to do (but are dreading it). Yet, whatever it is, you can know that you will never be alone.

Did you know the word "fear" for example, is found in the Christian scriptures over 500 times? Yet even in all this talk of fear are we ever told that God would leave us. No matter our "worst case scenarios" in our minds, we are always in the bounds of the care of a compassionate God who loves us unconditionally. We are always wrapped in the great mystery of things working out in our lives when we least expect.

You, my friend, you can overcome fear by doing scary things too. Scary step forward, one foot at the time. My guess is that you’ll be surprised as you don’t let fear get the last word . . .