Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Essential

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I am wondering what have you learned in covid times that was really important to you, but maybe you took for granted before?

Travel? Visiting elderly friends? Going to the movies on a whim? A concert on your birthday? An in person church service? So much really . . .

In March of 2020, so much of what was on "must have" simply had to stop. Though we might have previously named these things as our word of the week: essential.

Essential: something necessary, indispensable, or unavoidable.

When we begin to name the essential things in our lives we are talking about what is most important to us, what we must do in the situations we find ourselves, and what gives us energy.

What is on your essential list now (that wouldn't have been on the list a year ago)?

A spiritual teacher I've come to appreciate is Suzanne Stabile, an author and coach in all things enneagram. In one of her podcasts, I can remember her sharing about her practice of asking herself this one question:

"Is this mine to do?"

If she could say with clarity that the answer was yes; she proceeded with confidence.

If the answer was NOT a resonating yes, that was it; she let it go.

In this weekly examine practice, Suzanne would go on to explain that anxiety would well up in her when she thought of disappointing others. She'd really want to say "yes", but the longer she sat with "Is this mine to do?" the answer would be an even stronger no. You see, her soul was telling her a thing or two about what was essential for her. She needed to listen.

Because here's the thing: you can do a a lot of things. You are ONE talented person. You have so many gifts to share with the world. In a world of so much grief, loss and pain: your money is needed. Your intellect is needed. Your time is needed. We've all got to do our part.

BUT before you get too busy moving in that direction ask yourself, "Is ____ mine to do?"

What is essential for you might not be essential for me. You get to know what essential in your daily practices and commitments. My prayer for you this week is that you'll be still long enough to know what is yours and then bravely act.



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