Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Enough

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Good morning friends-- can you remember the last time you were feeling less than?

Maybe it was in Algebra class in high school. Your teacher put up the formula, x+y= xy+__ and pointed to you for an answer. The clueless look on your face said it all. You don't do math. 

Maybe it was when you traveled where your primary language wasn't spoken. Someone wants to have a rapid fired conversation and all you can say with the confused look in your eyes, "I don't know."

Maybe it was when you found yourself at a dinner party with some well-educated folk. Before too long the conversation goes in the direction of topics which you know nothing. When it seems to be your time to contribute what you most want to say is: “Could we please talk about something else?"

Such are moments when the feeling of "not measuring up" feels close to the surface. Or you don't feel like you are our word of the week: enough.

Enough: to a degree or quantity that satisfies or that is sufficient or necessary for satisfaction.

Lately, I've been thinking so much about how so many of our decisions in our life-- in big and small ways-- go back to this word. And here's the truth: you and I often don't think we are enough. We don't think we measure up to whatever the standard of "good" is. We don't believe in our own God-given gifts to impact the world. In this belief-

You don't listen to what you really want to do . . . 

You don't ask for help when you really need it . . . 

You don't let go of what is draining you. . . 

So, you keep doing the same ole, same ole.

And so, if you've have woken up exhausted lately unexcited about the day ahead or you've felt overwhelmed or stuck in a rut lately, maybe your relationship with the word "enough" needs some renegotiation. 

Such is a longer conversation than just this email. But hear me say this: not every circle or vocation or geographic location is meant for you. It's so easy to lose sight of your enoughness if you are in the wrong lane. 

This week spend a few minutes and name the places in your life where you feel most fulfilled. Who is beside you? What are you doing?

And then consider moving more toward that. 

What I most want for you is no one taking away the wind from your sails. I want you to believe that you are more than enough. I want you to live like no matter your age or life stage you have meaningful things to offer the world because it's enough.



P.S. I'd love to share ​this post​ with you that a friend shared a while back on my blog about her wrestling with being enough after she went through a divorce.