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Word of the Week: Capacity

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HI friends! Have you missed me? I'm back!

These has been sweet days around our household of adjusting to a new baby and it's hard to believe that this week our son will soon be 4 months old!

In getting adjusted to a new person in our household, there have been many things I've had to give up for a while (like chatting with you each Sunday morning). There have been many things I haven't been able to do well too like connecting with friends and church visits. I have also had to let hope of sleep go on a nightly basis (for a while, I was up every 2 hours in the night! Ouch!).

Basically, as any new parent would tell you, having a baby is a lesson a great reminder that all things can change in an instant. There is a strong before and after. In all this, I have been thinking a lot about our word of the week: capacity.

Capacity defined as the maximum amount that something can contain.

To be a human is to wrestle throughout your life with your own capacity, isn't it?

In some seasons of life, you are able to run fast with projects and commitments and travel and all the things. While in other seasons of life you must take on a bit less. You must stay at home. You must rest. You must face your limitations.

To be human to to know that as much as you think you know what your days might hold, illness or disease or an accident can change your capacity at any point. This is a given. For everyone.

Yet, the bigger question then is how will you accept your capacity? How you shift? How will you allow your life to contain exactly what it needs in a season (not trying to replicate what is in the past)?

Telling the truth about your capacity can be a beautiful tool that leads your soul to REST and PEACE. Knowing your capacity can lead you to do what is your work to do when it's your time to do it.

Over here in Athens, GA, I'm doing a daily dance with my capacity. Somedays in the words of my 6 year old I "make good choices" and others times I simply forget and overcommit. Sigh.

But here's what I know for sure: your body will lead the way. Your body will let you know in one way or another if your brim has been reached. Your body will thank you when you live into your healthiest capacity.

God longs for you in the week ahead to be well in your own capacity.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation again soon!