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Not on This Sunday

Family Fun Night 022

Historically, Baptists have believed in separation of church and state. We don't talk about politics in worship. We don't support political motions in the context of church services. We believe in religious freedom for all. (Though this would not be the case in some Baptist churches because they've ceased to remain true to our roots).

Thus, on this Sunday of National Celebration, the weekend of the 4th of July, this preacher will not be taking Uncle Sam with her into the pulpit. (Don't let the smile on my face fool you). She will not talk about national politics or elevate our country above other nations around the globe.

Yet, we will do what we always do each week: we will worship God with thanksgiving for the freedoms we have in our nation to do so. And, we will pray for our country's leaders that they may have the wisdom they need to led us in good paths.

This doesn't mean that you can't be a faithful Christian and patriotic. (Hear me say though, that I do feel blessed to have this country as my home). I just think it means that there is a time and place for everything. Politics and religion don't mix well if we seek to keep our freedoms. Just read some histories of other nations for more examples to count than I can describe here.  Our goal as a congregation is to model this foundational truth of the Baptist kind of Christian and do it well.  Join us as we think about on Sunday "A Different Kind of Power."

(The back story on this photo is this: it was taken during the Somos el Mar concert in the sanctuary a couple weeks ago. I was seeking to be a part of two events at once. The kids were outside and concert goers were inside. I was cleaning up some of the children's stuff only to have Kevin come running out to me saying, "You've got to see this. It is something you'd never imagine in your pulpit!" And to my great surprise, there was Uncle Sam. The concert was an international folk themed event. Towards the end giant inflatable things began to rise from all over the room as props for the songs. During an American themed song, Uncle Sam appeared. Entertaining, yes, but wow! We were quick to snap this photo after the concert. A moment to remember for sure as it won't be what you'd see on any Sunday).