Word of the Week

What Makes My Day

If you ever want to make your pastor's day, you could say the following (if you mean it of course):

1. Can I begin giving to the church on a regular basis?

2. I want to join a Bible Study- what are my options for this?

3.  I've been picking up _____ for church until they are healthy enough to come on their own again.

4. Yes, I want to explore what it means to be baptized.

5. Yes, I'll be back next Sunday.

6. I'd like to invite some folks from the church over to my home for dinner. How do I contact them?

7. I'm glad to see you; Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

8. I was really interested by what you said last Sunday in your sermon, could we talk about it more sometime?

9. Do you have any books you'd recommend for spiritually focused reading?

10. I'm so glad I'm a member of this church.

I've heard several of these statements recently from some of the folks at Washington Plaza. They all make me happy because they are signs that new life is springing forth. They tell the unspoken stories of movements of spiritual growth in the lives of those who intersect with our community. I"m encouraged that something is going right as individual lives are responding to the corporate experience of knowing God in this place.  And, I'm moved in gratitude for having a front seat to the process.