Word of the Week

Website is Back!

I never knew how much I loved the church website and how much our ministry depends on it until this past week. Due to some technical errors, it was down for more than 8 days!

Visitors and other interested persons were emailing about questions that it would be so easy to answer more effectively by sending them to the website.

I was worried that the recent newspaper ad we'd placed in the paper with only our web address to find us wouldn't be worth the cost.

I was afraid that people wouldn't find us on Sunday because the address and good directions to our building wouldn't be online.

I missed our website a lot and I know that many of our church regulars did too.

But, I am happy to say that thanks to the network coding and uploading skills of one of our church faithfuls, Ryan and the long chats Deb, our church administrator had with the web host (though this company turned out to be unhelpful), we are back in business.

Check it out here.

We live in the age of the Internet where the best outreach I feel that a church can have is a up-to-date and reflective website that tells the story of who they are. Know that this is one of our greatest priorities as a church, especially from the viewpoint of the pastor.

The website is back! Thanks be to God.