Word of the Week

Vacation Wisdom

Sometimes not making any plans can be the best plan of all.

When a town local tells you it is just a 15 minute walk, this isn't necessarily true. It make take you more than 45 minutes to get there due to having no idea where you are going.

Having a view of the beachfour friends 2 from your room can bring such peace.

Never make a U-Turn in Florida.

When reserving a rental car, always pick your car based on trunk space, especially if you are in charge of getting the bride and groom to the airport for their honeymoon. (See us with them to the left)

Always remember you have to carry what you pack. And, probably your airport gate will be the farthest from where you are making the journey even more joyful. . .

You get what you pay for, especially in airline travel. If you pick the cheapest tickets, then you may not be able to sit with your travel partner and the seat may stick to you when you stand up.

Did I mention, never make a U-Turn in Florida?

If the bride plans a 8 am brunch the day after the wedding, remind her that not everyone is gthe beach viewoing to come. So, maybe it is not a good idea. It is just way too early on Sunday morning when you are vacation.

A wedding that serves three desserts= sugar coma for everyone.

Getting your hair done at Supercuts for a special event is never a good idea if you have curly hair like mine-- it will fall a part after 5 minutes.

Always savor the moment. Vacation is over before you know it.