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Two Years

On June 4th, Kevin celebrated his second anniversary as President and CEO of Feed the Children. It has been two years (gasp) since our lives as a family have been turned upside down by this opportunity to lead and serve. The people, the staff, the countries that have come into our hearts over the last two years have enriched our lives in ways more than one blog post can describe.


I've met faces like this from Kenya. Christian and Elizabeth And these in the Philippines. 20121109-172058 And these African babies.

1425738_10152117196929809_1922494367_n And speak to groups of children like this in Hawaii. photo And this girl in Nicaragua. 10369733_10152436891899168_2655202626973822695_n

And been surrounded by children like these in Guatemala.


The children of the world, are beautiful, you know. How can your heart not melt? And overflow with gratitude?

This call came to Kevin but I've gotten to tag along for the journey and do what I can to help.

I've gotten to volunteer my time alongside writers like these to help better tell the Feed the Children story. photo I've been able to host such saints of God-- who lead our international programs like these: image And I'm so thankful for these faces and the beautiful memories that have been a part of these two years.