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Time to Help Haiti

I know if you are like me, watching the images of the devastating after effects of the earthquake in Haiti causes your stomach to churn. It is so sad to see a country that was already dealing with an oppressive government and raging poverty, now facing such a loss without the infrastructure to deal with it.

You may be thinking, what can I do? What difference can my concern make?

Now, is our time, people of faith to put feet to our prayers and show solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are suffering. Now is our time to remember that we are a global family and if nation is hurting, we are all hurting too. There just can't be any other way.

While I am sure that there will be opportunities for relief trips in the future, much like those after Katrina which Washington Plaza folks participated in, now is the time to give to those who are equipped to help immediately.

I'd thought I'd gather a list of those connected to our Baptist family of faith who are seeking to help now and others as a resource guide for you. It is so easy to even give now online.

1. International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches USA.  This group has connection on the ground to the Haitian Baptist Convention and US service workers who will get aid in right away. To read more click here.

2. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. They are also working with ministry partners on the ground and are committed to a long term approach to relief and rebuilding. To read more, click here.

3. Church World Service, a ministry partner of the Alliance of Baptists is working to gathering funds for relief efforts. To read more, click here.

4. The Baptist World Alliance. This group is our global family of Baptists that has the fund, Baptist World Aid already set up for when crises like this occur. The fund has already committed grants of $10,000 to the Baptist Convention of Haiti and the Baptist Mission of Haiti. To join in the efforts, click here.

5.  And, of course, there is the Red Cross, a wonderful longstanding  relief organization who exists to help out countries at just a time as this. Donations can be made over the phone or by a simple text message. You can read more by clicking here.

Let us all do what we can this day to make a difference in the lives of those who need us more now that ever!