Word of the Week

Thoughts on Discernment

I was reading in preparation for our Way of Discernment class this evening and this quote by Marjorie Thompson stuck out to me as one of the major problems most of us face in our life transitions:

Sometimes staying grounded means that we suffer. To remain rooted in who we are as beloved children of God, we periodically need to let go of what no longer fits us, and perhaps never did. We may have to endure the pain of releasing a job, a relationship, a cherished image of who we thought we were. Such changes often look frightening. In the face of both pain and fear, however, we need to ask, 'Which will hurt more, making the change or continuing to try to be something other than who I truly am?' Though the answer to this question may not take away the pain or anxiety, it can restore our perspective. It reminds us that staying grounded in our core identity as beloved children of God is, finally about staying in touch with deep joy God holds for us in Christ, the loving one into whose image we are slowly and uniquely growing.

Great thoughts to ponder for today!  What do you think?