Word of the Week

There is Time

collectsoulsp2There is a time for everything,
       and a season for every activity under heaven . . .

People often see me running around the church and the community going from one thing to another very quickly and ask me often: "How do keep your sanity with all the activity?"

While sometimes I'm not sure,  I've been thinking a lot about this question today. And not just for me, but in the context of the pace of life that many of us try to maintain all while seeking to be grounded spiritually at the same time.

I'm not one to say I've got it figured out by any means, but there are certain activities that I need to do besides all the normal spiritual discipline stuff you hear about in church.

Things like . . .

Remembering to breathe, slowly and deeply.  It is amazing how thinking about your breathing can slow you down.

Eating regular meals. It is easy to think "I'm too busy to eat" but should never be the case. Plus the health benefits are enormous to keeping you body going strong!

Being mindful caring for my frame:  bathing, brushing my teeth, etc without rushing through them to the next thing.

Taking in as much as I give out. I can only be as good of a pastor, friend, spouse as I take time to receive as well as give. For me this means surrounding myself with a community of people who know me not just as Pastor, but as Elizabeth the person too.

Getting control of my schedule to the degree in which I keep committments previously made, but that sometimes the words: "No, I am not available" come out of my mouth too.

It is only as I do things like this that I have any chance of seeing the perspective of "There is a season for everything."

This may not be the time to get X done, but in due time, all will be made well.

And it is this perspective that will get me and (you too) through the long run of all that is in store.