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The Day God Made Church

I am inspired by friends who dream big dreams and then have the perseverance to see them through.

My friend, Rebekah is one of them!

Currently she lives out her calling at Brick Presbyterian Church in the city of New York as the Associate Minister of Christian Education and Discipleship.

Rebekah is also a wife to BJ (a Baptist pastor), a mom and 2006 Duke Divinity
School graduate (like me!) and can making wearing a hat on Easter look so classy!

Growing up in a family with a mom as an educator in South Carolina, she found herself always surrounded by books and lessons about the power of words. Hearing stories about God and God's love for her grew her faith and later a call to ministry.

When she became an ordained pastor children's books of course became an important part of her work with young kids. And amongst her collection she noticed a gap: there were no books to teach children about the Day of Pentecost or otherwise known as the birthday of the church. Or, the day when the Holy Spirit came to earth.

Then, an idea came to her. What if she wrote something?

With encouragement from many who said she was the woman for the job, she started.

Rebekah birthed The Day When God Made Church. TDGMC_Front Cover

Rebekah even offered a guest post on Preacher on the Plaza about what it was like to pen this book in 2014 that you might remember.

Next all she needed was a publisher-- a partner to give her words a platform.

But as those of us who are immersed in the publishing world know getting from point A of writing a book to point B of publishing is no small task! Most publishing journeys are full of so many ups and downs, stops and starts and days when you want to pull your hair out! But, Rebekah did not waver. She believed in her idea that much!

And, the best news of all is that this spring Paraclete Press released The Day God Made Church to much acclaim of church leaders across denominations and traditions.

Rebekah's book is grounded in the mystery of God and the beauty of the church. And The Day God Made Church is beautifully illustrated by Stephanie Haig. I know you'll finish reading it and understand why this holiday is one to be celebrated with much fanfare!

I hope that you'll purchase a copy for the little ones in your life, your church's children's ministry or even to use for a children's sermon on Pentecost Sunday, May 15th!

Even her 8 month old son, Elijah is excited about it! So you should be too! IMG_20160317_215202