Word of the Week

Ten Thoughts about Sunday

Ten things that made me smile about this past Sunday:

1. I heard laugher and lively discussion coming from the NEW Sunday School class that began this summer. They're studying stories of faith and were tackling the Martha/ Mary tale this past week. Love seeing new folks come to a study class on Sunday mornings.

2. LaTia sang in worship. Need not say much more! Her spirit and voice added such a dimension of worship to the service. Loved it!

3. Someone said to me "I want to join the church? How do I do that?"

4. Collection for our Capital Campaign (which began 2 weeks ago) is already up to close to $9,000! Exciting stuff to see folks from all walks of life caring about what it means to "Build Our Future."

5. We gathered as a community around the lunch table to share in a semi-annual church business meeting (Yes, we're a congregational church so we have all church business meetings a couple of times a year so that everyone is informed about the church and gets a vote in the process . . . ) AND there was peace and unity of thought.

6. We approved a plan for deacon ministry. Deacons will be re-appearing at Washington Plaza by the end of 2010. This pastor is so excited to have help with pastoral care.

7. We approved the contract with the construction company that will be making the needed repairs on the facility in the upcoming months.  Let the construction begin (once the funds for the loan come through in the next couple of weeks)! Watch out Lake Anne Plaza. We are leading the way in the exciting things going on at the Plaza this year.

8. A large crew of us headed downtown in the afternoon to share the good news about our progressive and welcoming congregation at the DC Metro Area Capital Pride Festival. I was so happy to have such a diverse and fabulous group church members with me passing out brochures and telling people about our church. Thanks to Victor, Ellis, Katia, LaTia, LaShonda, Ken, Don, and Alex for supporting this great outreach opportunity!

9.  I got to celebrate over dinner with two of my favorite people my five-year anniversary of living in DC.  Though a simple thing, it was a great occasion to remember and with gratitude for all the many ways that the past five years have changed my life's direction in more ways than can be counted. What a happy dinner!

10. The day was over and I slept very well.