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Talking about Race

RacismPosterIf you are like me, the political climate of this country is growing to be more alarming by the day. By this I am not speaking of one political persuasion against another (though I have thoughts on this for another time and place) but in how we talk about issue that really matter.

It seems that people have stopped listening to each other, no matter what their opinions on an issue are. And that the church is not leading out with a different way that is helpful at all.

The most recent comments of Former President Jimmy Carter about racism changing the way our nation responses to our current President have fueled the debate of racism once again. Asking us all to consider what is racism really mean? And, if we care enough, then what are we to do about it in our little corners of this world?

My former teaching assistant at Duke who is now a Professor Seattle Pacific University at wrote this about his thoughts on our current quandaries. I wanted to add his thoughts to the conversation with you, my readers.  

Check it out here.

My hope and dream for the church is that we can be an instrument of speaking with truth with and about one another, but with just acts and deeds that stem from love (not just hearing ourselves speak).

What do you think we (a local body) and we (the church universal) need to be contributing to this 2009 conversation of importance?