Word of the Week

Can you remember the last time you received instructions from someone but didn't fully comprehend what was said? So . . .

You ended up lost in the middle of a parking lot. You wore the wrong kind of attire to a party. The gift registry you consulted wasn't for your person.

Frustration quickly rises. You so wish that those in charge could have been a little more of our word of the week: clear.

Clear a word that means is easy to understand, see, or hear.

It's easy to think of the word clear in the category of work assignments (don't you love a supervisor that gives clear instructions?), directions from one place to another (don't you love a GPS that takes you on a clear route?) as well as doctors' orders (don't you love a physician who gives clear post-op instructions?).

But what about in relationships? Think about the last time your feelings were hurt by someone (or vice versa) simply because of a lack of clarity. We don't say what we mean. We don't do what we say.

"Maybe I'll be there." (But then you don't go)

Or even more common: silence. But better explained by the modern term called "ghosting" where the no reply is the reply.

But recently I heard author, Brene Brown say this (that has stuck with me ever since) "Clear is kind."

Or in other words, just tell people the truth. If you can't come, say that. If you can't commit, say that. If you don't want to join a club/ board/ activity/ church/ whatever, just say that. Don't leave people hanging. Don't just disappear. Be brave. Tell the truth.

To be clear is to be kind.

Even Jesus talks about this in his teachings when he says in his Sermon on the Mount, "Let your yes be yes. Let your no be no."

So I'm wondering, how can to you be kinder this week by simply being clear with the feelings of your heart?

How can you say YES right away when it's something you really want to do (that will really encourage the host who has invited you)?

How can you say NO right away when it's something that is not yours to do (or you simply don't have time for)?

How can you be clear with who you are and what you want this week?

It may not always be easy to be clear, but the results are in the long run leads to mutual respect of feelings and our time.

Working on my clarity alongside you-