Word of the Week

Has there been moment in the past couple of weeks when you've felt beyond exhausted?

To our tired bodies and souls, enter this week's word: rest.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what this post is going to be about. Go to bed earlier. Stop. Play. Have a Sabbath moment. But here's the thing, I'm not (though of course all of those are good things).

What I do want you to think about today, however, is rest in your bandwidth.

How might your soul benefit from letting a thing or two in your schedule rest?

Several months ago, I became quite aware of my breathlessness. For me, I feel breathless when I'm running between commitments like a chicken with my head cut off, late to appointments I promised myself I would not be late to, or having restless after restless night of sleep (because the pace of my day has allowed for no reflection or downtime in daytime hours).

So in my breathlessness I took an adult time out.

I sat still. Then, I made a list. What was my work to do I asked myself.

One of the things that didn't make my list felt surprising: writing for publication. Something I've been doing for over 10 years.

You see this thing happens when you write a book, people expect you to write more. And there's so much that goes into getting to the starting gate of publishing a book besides just writing the actual book (such is post for another day). I thought I would be publishing another book soon. I have been drafting one for awhile. But in taking a minute to listen, I realized I needed to let any striving toward drafting, preparing to publish or publishing go for now.

I needed to rest from this particular work.

As much as I knew this was the right decision, it has been scary too. For when you rest, you like a part of your identity go. When you rest, you allow others to think whatever they want about you. When you rest, you let go of control of the outcome.

For trust is required in rest.

You lay something down in rest believing that if that thing is yours to pick up again it will be there. And if it is not yours to pick up again, it won't be.

Tricia Hersey in a wonderful new book called Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto says this, "You were not just born to center your entire existence on work and labor. You were born to heal, to grow, to be of service to yourself and community, to practice, to experiment, to create, to have space, to dream, and to connect.”

So, what is one thing can you stop doing this week and let rest? How can you make space in your life for everyday miracles to find you?

On the journey with you to stop more often and make space for the best stuff in life--



How much sleep did you get this week? How early have you set your alarm? How late did you stay up simply because you needed the extra time?

Maybe your week has been defined by our word of the week: tired.

Tired: to be drained of strength and energy.

Maybe you're tired because you're tired of being alone. Maybe you're tired because you've said yes to a social event too many times this week. Maybe you're tired because things you want resolved in your life aren't resolved. Maybe you're tired because it is scientifically proven that uncertainty exhausts your brain. You can literally do nothing all day right now but still feel drained (crazy, right?)

So where's the hope in this?

One of my favorite scriptures has always been these words of Jesus, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:24)

I think these words are the balm our souls need right now (even if you aren't a Jesus person) because they point us to this truth: we find rest for our bone-tired weariness IF we surrender.

We have the capacity to find rest IF we LET GO.

I don't know about you but as much as I talk the good talk about balance and self-care, I really want it all. I want to have time to do well at work. I want my laundry to not to pile up. I want to show up for people I love. Yet, I keep learning that best intentions = impossible dreaming. We all have limits.

So here's the nugget of truth: if you are ready to admit that you are tired and want to rest, you don't get to control the outcome.

You only have one job: downsizing your life.

Your tiredness can in fact be a teacher to you-- a wise teacher that shows you things that you've been long ignoring. Maybe you need a different bedtime. Maybe you need to say no more often. Maybe you need to fill your days with more nourishing people. Maybe you are not doing the work that is yours to do.

So, all my weary and heavy laden friends, start here: have a conversation with someone you trust about your weariness.

Make a plan to open up one space in your week to rest (however you define that). Take one long break this week and just enjoy the gift of being alive! And know that as you do, your Creator is waiting to offer you deep peace -- peace that will be there to carry you through whatever may come.