Word of the Week

In the western hemisphere as I write this, it's almost officially summer. 

The daylight hours are longer. The temperature is hotter. School kids are out and bedtimes for littles are later. Folks are on vacations. 

It seemed like a great time to think about this word: slow. 

Slow: moving, flowing, or proceeding without speed or at less than usual speed.

This time of year, folks naturally slows down their expectations a bit. We aren't fazed by "out of office" emails. Or "let me get back to you in September" about that. Or general statements like: "we're taking the summer off."

But what does it mean to spiritually slow down?

Such is the question that has been the theme of ​my summer messages​ at my home base in Athens, GA. We're slowing down throughout the month of June and July and reconsidering our relationship with hurry. We are even ​taking pictures​ and sharing them with the wider community of moments when we found meaning by slowing down. 

And let me tell you this, I am finding this type of intentionality has made me realize how tired I really am. (Or maybe it's just because I'm a parent of an almost 2 year old who gives me a run for my money on a daily basis)

But whatever feelings slow brings out in you, it's all good.

For in slowing down, you see your little corner of the world as it really is. 

Maybe you don't need to fill up your weekend with activities of all kinds. Maybe your soul would thank you for a Saturday without plans. 

Maybe you don't need a big fancy vacation to feel good about your life again. Maybe just a quiet night on your porch will show you everything you need to know.

Maybe your bedtime can be earlier or later. Maybe in offering breath to your schedule, your passions will have more time to thrive. 

I don't know what a slower pace might offer you this week, but one thing is certain: slowing down never hurt anybody. And goodness, it might just be the medicine that your over-programmed life, in whatever stage its in, is begging for! 

So ready, set, slow down? I hope so!



P.S. If I miss a week of these Sunday emails and you need a boost, remember you can always check out the archives ​over here. ​

P.S.S. A great resource on all things slow ​is this one.​  Check out the wisdom from a writing colleague of mine who has such wise things to offer about slowing down. And it's a podcast too!