Word of the Week

When is the last time you heard something from a friend that sounded like this . . .

"I have a new job that pays me double what I used to make!"

"My grandchildren just won an all-state competition!"

"My love just sent me a bouquet of roses at work and it wasn't even our anniversary!"

Maybe what is spoken is not meant to bother us, but it does. Enter this week's word: jealous.

Jealous: the feeling of resentment against someone because of that person's rivalry, success, or advantages.

These days it's hard to scroll through Brag Book, I mean Facebook without feeling jealous. Everyone else's life feels better than yours, right?

But so rarely do we talk about it. Nice people don't utter their jealousy, right?

"Me, jealous? No way!"

But your true feelings come out in subtle ways, I think. Sarcasm. Gossip. Not returning a friend's texts or phone calls.

Jealousy, you see, robs us of of those we just might most need to be in relationship with because they have something to teach us.

So what do you do when a slump of jealousy hits you? Begin by being honest. Name what is going on. Pout, cry if you must. But simply tell it like it is. It's not that so and so is a bad person or less than or whatever. It's not about the other person. It's about you. This fact changes things, doesn't it?

And then, go back to a motto that I love, "Stay in your own lane."

By this, I mean realize that you're on the highway with lots of different kind of people.

Some will happily marry for their lifetime. You might not.

Some will have children exactly when they want them. You may not.

Some will have children who thrive in school. You may not.

Some will hear the words, "You have cancer." You may not.

Some will find fulfillment in their careers of choice. You may not. Some will face easy choices in retirement. You may not.

Sure, the world is full of injustice. It is all of our callings as people of faith to work toward equality for all-- but in the meantime --in the day to day journey of life, you can stay focused on YOUR LANE.

You can do the next right thing for YOU.

You can lean into joy. You can take care of your body the best you can. You can keep dreaming in the present tense.

This week, I'm cheering you on -- in your lane. May it be filled with beautiful new surprises.