Word of the Week

As I continue to abide in my global nomad status of being defined by mission and not geography as Kevin recently wrote about, I am learning a lot about airports.

And along the way, I've seen the best. I've seen the ugly (like this travel story I just have to reference back to).

As advised by a friend the other day, I thought I might share with you all some of superlatives of the miles I've logged around the globe. I bet some of my recommendations might surprise you:

Friendliest TSA agents: Chattanooga, TN

Rudest TSA agents: Hilton Head, SC

Best place to go shopping while you wait: Minneapolis, MN

Airport with the Longest Walks Between Gates: Chicago (O'Hare), IL

Airport You Must Be At Least an Hour Before Take-Off (if not more): San Fransisco, CA

Longest Security Lines: Nashville, TN

Worst place to be stuck for long periods of time: Long Beach, CA

Nicest International Airport: Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Least Secure International Airport: Addis Abba, ETHIOPIA

International Airport Most Like the USA: San Jose, COSTA RICA

Place You Don't Want to Have a Tight Connection: Atlanta, GA

Place You Can't Find Starbucks: Oklahoma City, OK

Worst Place to Change Terminals for a Connection: Newark, NJ

Easiest Airport to Navigate: Washington, DC (DCA)

Airline with Best Wifi: Delta

Airline with Best Luggage Policy: Southwest

Airline with Cheapest Flights from OKC to DC: Delta (if you are willing to go to BWI)

Airline Easiest Way to Redeem Frequent Flyer Miles: American

Airline with Best Social Media: United

Best Online Booking Service: Kayak.com

Hotel Chain with Best Reward Program: Starwood

Rental Car Chain You Want to Avoid: Dollar

What others would you add to my list?