Word of the Week

Now, two Sundays deep into Advent this year, Washington Plaza as a member of the larger Church is doing some serious thinking about peace.   Where are their places in our lives in need of peace? What can we do to bring about more peace in this world as a community?

Instead calling Advent a "Sunday only" thing, we are encouraging our members to be mindful of waiting and watching all week long (as we do a series of devotions together) and gathering in particular Wednesday nights for song, reflection and prayer. At our Advent Vesper Service tonight, we will be singing and praying for peace. I wanted to share it here with the hopes that you might be praying too:

This year as we sing Silent Night with its echoes of calm and heavenly peace, we say a prayer for all who live in homes where peace is absent. For as much as we speak of peace, we know for many it is far from their reality of life.

Sing: Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright. Round yon virgin mother and Child. Holy Infant so tender and mild, sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace.

We pray for children who live in fear, whose homes are not a place of safety, but a place of physical and verbal beatings.

We pray for seniors and other vulnerable people whose caregivers do not care as they are neglected or degraded.

We pray for all who are emotionally abused, and who are not loved, honored and cherished as beloved children of God.

Sing: Silent Night, holy night, wonderous star, lend thy light. With the angels let us sing Alleluia to our King, Christ the Savior is born! Christ the Savior is born.

We pray for women who have had to flee their homes or are afraid to flee their homes in lands where they are mistreated simply because of gender. We pray for all who have been sexually violated, and who are haunted by fear of violation.

We pray for those in prisons, holding out hope that someone cares for them, even when all life's dreams seem lost.

May love's pure light this season empower us to come to the aid of your hurting people.

Sing: Silent night, holy night, Son of God, love's pure light. Radiant beams from Thy holy face, with the dawn of redeeming grace, Jesus Lord at thy birth, Jesus, Lord at thy birth.

We join together to sing Alleluia and thank you for your grace that transforms our world.

In the name of the Holy Infant,  Jesus our Savior, Amen.