Word of the Week

_93634580_gettyimages-631756268Holy God,

The hearts of so many Americans are breaking today.

A bully with undisciplined tongue--  a man who does not show regard for any who do not look or think exactly like him will be our new President. 


So, today, we'll try to go about our day as normal to give it less power and stay focused on what goodness we can bring to our corners of the world.

But regardless we'll sense what is going on because we're afraid.

We're afraid for the status of our immigrant neighbors as money might be spent building walls not longer tables.

We're afraid that the resurgence of the KKK has not been called out.

We're afraid for the rights of our LBGTQ friends.

We're afraid that the hard conversation about white privilege and racism that we need to be led in as a nation won't happen.

We're afraid for wars that might be started over middle of the night tweets.

Some of our fellow citizens criticize our grief saying:

We're sore losers for a national election with different results as we liked.

We're not simply going with the flow of what is and praying for the best.

We're inspiring fear with our fear.

We respectfully listen. But, we acknowledge where we are and stay the course. To remind ourselves that you, God are always on the side of the stranger, the refugee, and the downtrodden. We want to be where you are!

So, we can not close our eyes and pretend things said and done aren't happening.

Yet we know this: in our heartbroken state, God, you're asking us to move through our grief into action.

You're inviting us to be the change we want to see in the world. Black, brown, gay, straight, Jew, Muslim, and Christian together.

You're teaching us to speak up when false words are spoken.

You're telling us to stand up for the rights of our all neighbors when they're challenged.

You're saying, "Welcome, welcome, and welcome just as I have welcomed you!"

This is a hard path, God in times like this.

But we're committing to stay the course till we've overcome, no matter the cost.

No one is free, till we all are. This is the gospel.  We want to be bearers of good news for all people even those who are confused by our heartbreak today.