Word of the Week

Have you lived in one place your whole life or have you moved around a lot or somewhere in between?

Where we physically have spent time has a lot to say about our stories, doesn't it? Because how many times have you begun a conversation with new person in your life that begins with: "Where are you from?"

So enter in today's word: geography.

Geography is a technical term, of course, defined as a science that deals with the description, distribution, and interaction of the diverse physical, biological, and cultural features of the earth's surface. The mere use of the word might conjure a class in school you liked or didn't. But today I want to think of geography in spiritual terms.

How does a particular geography shape your ideas about God?

These days I'm thinking a lot these days about the people I disagree with or who simply have different life experiences than me. Can you think of a few?

And as I think of my list, here is what has helped birthed in me compassion for those whom I simply don't understand: geography.

Exposer to the land and people of the world makes all the difference in our worldview, right?

And it's not just about physical location. It can be the kind of media we take in, the types of books we read, and/or the type of people we invite into our home. Are all your friends "just like you?"

God's beautiful tapestry of work in the world is always more than the little boxes our natural life experiences give us. God's love well extends beyond boarders of states or even our country of origin.

So how might you expand your spiritual geography this week? Here are two suggestions:

1. Consider traveling somewhere that feels outside of your comfort zone (that could be just miles away). Ask yourself: what I can learn from being in this new place?

2. Take inventory on what you are reading/ watching/ listening to. Are these books/ shows written or featuring characters from primarily one race or region of the world? Considering adding a new point of view to your cue.

Let's keep opening our eyes to God's geography. God's world is vast and diverse and full of perspectives we may never have ever considered! And we all have time to keep learning. You may never be able to change someone else's mind, but you can always change yours.



P.S. If you're looking for a great resource on this topic, might I recommend my friend Patrice Gopo's All the Colors We Will See: Reflections on Barriers, Brokenness and Finding Our Way. It's amazing collection of essays you'll love to read!