Word of the Week

Good morning friend! Thank you for joining me again (or for the first time!) for this weekly Sunday morning pause.

Have you ever committed to something only to regret it later?

Or thought: "Why did I say yes to that? I don't have any time for that at all!"

Then, either you've let someone down or you've bitterly kept your word. Such an experience leads us to wrestle with our word for the week: energy.

Energy defined as: the capacity for vigorous activity; available power.

What you complete with ease (or don't) says a lot about your what your body, mind and soul have energy for.

Recently, when I was spending some time with my calendar, I got stuck. There were some projects I wanted to tackle, many that I felt would be good to tackle, many that I was overdue in tackling, but somehow all these projects landed on the bottom of my uncompleted list. I couldn't seem to make myself bring them to the top, and I wasn't sure when (or if) I was going to get to them.

It's easy to feel guilty about knowings like this and try to make yourself do what you really don't want to do. Push through the hard. Let duty win over.

But today I want to think about this: how can your energy teach you?

When you and I pay attention to what gets us out of the bed in the morning, to what keeps us moving forward during the day, and to what kinds of chores keep us going past bedtime, you are on to something about what your energy feels like. For example:

Do you like people projects? Or do you like solitary work that you can complete alone without distractions? Or both? Do you like hosting and planning parties? Or would you rather be on the clean up crew? Do you like to dream about the future? Or would you rather give yourself to something that hasn't changed in its procedures in years?

We all have work to do. We all have contributions to make to any community that ONLY we can make with our unique life experiences and gifts. No matter how old or young you are, you can do something.

If you are breathing you have some energy. But, so often we live in a paradigm where we believe we're only valuable if our work includes big grand things, or things that "must be done" or things that everyone else around us is doing who are super able bodied.

Being "energy aware" is a beautiful gift of God so you can connect to the places where your work and relationships are a JOY not a duty.

Lean into where your energy takes you this week.