Word of the Week

Sunday Nights

Like most pastor friends of mine also feel, Sunday nights (whenever it is that you get home from church) are a time when you just want to relax. With Sunday being the "Superbowl" day of the week, there is nothing more you want you to do than not think about church again until Monday morning. If you can take one, naps are good.

Most of the time, I am pretty successful at this because my husband is so kind to me to let me just rest or we plan together opportunities to be with friends of ours from outside the church.

Three weeks ago, we were having a couple friends over for pizza and just a causal night of hanging out and decided to check out a new show that was premiering that evening on NBC: Kings. The previews seemed interesting enough and I was willing to give it a shot.

Well, this was until we quickly discovered that the story line closely followed the story line of the Samuel, Saul, and David saga from the Bible.

For examnup_130738_00251ple, the pilot is set in a fictitious city called Shiloh. Silas (aka Saul) is king and is in war with neighboring countries whose tanks are named "Goliath." David Shepherd (pictured to the left next to Silas) is a just a regular foot solider in the war but has has a run in with Rev. Samuels, King Silas' adviser, who anoints him for a special task.  David saves the king son in war and is soon brought to court. Jealousy begins to emerge. . .

I was just getting too weird. I began having to be "Bible expert" among my friends, explaining which parts came right out of the book, I Samuel in the Bible. Everyone was very interested in where the story followed and where it didn't. I almost got out my Bible to begin to look things up.

Just when I thought it was night off from my pastor role . . .

Needless to say, I've continued to watch Kings each week since and have found the show to be quite interesting. It is very well done. So, I thought I'd mention it here, in case any of you would like to brush up on your Old Testament Bible stories with an interesting modern twist. I'd highly recommend it, even if it means doing something "churchy" on Sunday night.