Word of the Week

Sunday Afternoon Prayer

May the people  have heard what they needed to hear regardless of my words.

May the communityexperienced sustain them oh God for the trials and joys and of the coming week.

May any discouraging words mistakenly spoken fall away.

May the insight they gained not have left them when they walked out the doors but stick with them for as long as they need to chew on it.

May they and others who need to experience the love in our congregation find their way to us next week-- prepare them even now.

May they remember think about stewardship and prayerfully consider now what their pledge might be for October 25th (and may the October newsletter and the pledge card therein not be thrown in the trash quite yet).

And, may their pastor find strength to go home, turn it all off and take a nap.

(Next week will surely have enough troubles of its own. But for now, this Sunday is complete. As always, thanks be to God for this. Amen)