Word of the Week

Six Years

Today marks the sixth anniversary of American troops being deployed in Iraq.

How has it been this long already? How much longer must it be?

Ann Lamott, one of my favorite spirituality authors tells the following story in her book Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith:

Since the United States went to war in Iraq, I've been thinking about A. J. Muste, who during the Vietnam War stood in front of the White House night after night with a candle. One rainy night, a reporter asked him, "Mr. Muste, do you really think you are going to change the policies of this country by standing out here alone at night with a candle?"

"Oh," Muste replied, "I don't do it to change the country, I do it so the country won't change me."

In times like this, I think the best we can do as people of faith seeking God's peace is to stay true to our course and to our own unique voice. Jesus after all, the greatest peacemaker that ever walked the earth, right?

As I wait, I think of our Washington Plaza friends who are there specifically and lift up a prayer for their safety. May this war not go on for six more years . . .