Word of the Week


photo"I have always considered it a blessing from heaven being able to sit at the feet of Rev. Elizabeth Hagan to hear her preach. Rev Elizabeth has within each sermon a good combination of head and heart. At times, we hear preachers who embrace one or the other (a great ability to exegete biblical text or the gift of sharing love and compassion for God's people)  Rev Elizabeth has both. That is a gift that she so willingly shares with the community of faith."

-Rev. Jean Robinson-Casey, Pastor, MLK Church, Reston, VA

Want to watch a sermon I gave at the Feed the Children children's center in Kenya? You can watch here. 


392009_10150392760213021_924306435_n"Rev. Elizabeth is a gifted writer and speaker. She effortlessly connects with all age groups, genders, and beliefs.  During her time as the Pastor for the Washington Plaza Baptist Church (WPBC) in Reston Virginia, Elizabeth presented inspiring and fresh-thinking sermons; she led and moderated stimulating and thought-provoking bible studies. We are proud of Elizabeth and we are happy to see that her teaching and sharing continues in this new venue.  We were sad to see her depart WPBC, but we know the good Lord has decided to use her skills, character, and energy to spread His message and agenda."

-Craig Mass, Washington Plaza Baptist Church, Trustee


zach-dawes“Elizabeth reached out to our organization regarding ways to improve our social media efforts. She offered concrete, practical suggestions on ways to improve our communications, especially via Twitter, in order to gain new followers and engage current ones. We have implemented many of her ideas, which has produced much good fruit–more followers and increased re-tweets. If you are wondering how to improve your organization’s social media presence and outreach, I would recommend you consult with Elizabeth.”

–Zach Dawes, Jr., managing editor for EthicsDaily.com


10398373_141179244872_5216517_n“Elizabeth was a helpful “third-party” presence that was able to say some things the pastor could not to help advance the conversation past our place of stuck.  She was not only innovative, but helped people stay engaged with the information.  Many of the people I had hoped would not sabotage dialogue with monologue she handled gracefully and unobtrusively, which not only helped them feel heard, but helped us all keep from being trapped by that common dynamic.  If you are looking for someone with the rare gift of good facilitation, Elizabeth Hagan is it!”

-Rev. Chris Moore, Pastor, Fellowship Congregational Church, Tulsa, OK