Word of the Week

Prayers for Renewal

I was on vacation over the weekend for the 4th of July. This mini-vacation included a Sunday off and a couple of days at the beach. I returned back to work this morning, and as I was going through emails, I found the prayer requests shared by the congregation during the "Prayers of the People" on Sunday.

This was one of them voiced by the liturgist of the day: "I would like prayers that Pastor Elizabeth finds renewal in her vacation."

I guess you could interpret this request in several ways, but as I know the individual who shared this request for me, I understood the intention right away.

This congregation member who is a part of the Pastoral Relations Committee takes seriously the task to "care for the spiritual health" of his pastor. He understands, like many within the church, that vacations and time away are just as important for me than time in the office. He knows that being a pastor for the long haul includes time to gather strength for the journey. And, he believes that pastors are people like everyone else and need prayer just as much as the next person, maybe even a little more as responsiblity of the care of so many rests on their shoulders.

So, what came of your congregational prayers?

I did share some precious gifts of uninterrupted time with my husband-- what every marriage needs more of.

I enjoyed hours of rest and play with some of our dear friends from DC-- what every life seeking balance needs more of.

I enjoyed eating meals (very good ones, I might add) with the interruption of getting to this appointment across town or that meeting-- what every healthy diet need more of.

I enjoyed a little visioning of my own a part from the normal tasks at hand-- what every person with hopes of not burning out from the tyranny of the urgent must do.

So, thank you, loving congregation for your prayers for my renewal over vacation. I hope you can see the joy in the faces of Kevin and I as gratitude for your care of us, even when we weren't with you last week.