Word of the Week

Something Changed

I travel a lot these days to hug children, to greet staff and to write stories about how Feed the Children’s donors are helping kids have clean water, access to education and more sustainable food sources around the world. Sometimes, I wake up not knowing where I am! But when I figure it out, I want to full present in that space, not somewhere else.

I'm back in United States this week, settling in, remembering, and telling others about my 3 week experience in Tanzania and Kenya. Trying to heed my own advice about being present here now . . .it is hard to do.

I keep thinking about Kenya. There are few words that can describe what happened. It was more profound that just seeing the life-changing work. It was more profound that having my eyes opened to deeper levels of poverty I'd ever seen. It was more profound than entering into the deep waters of relationship with my Kenyan friends and even more profound than being asked to baptize four of the children who are a part of our children's center in Nairobi.

No, this trip gave me a gift that only God could give.

The best words I have come from my songwriting friend, Sara Groves.

Something changed inside me broke wide open all spilled out

Till I had no doubt that something changed
Never would have believed it till I felt it in my own heart
In the deepest part the healing cameSomething so amazing in a heart so dark and dim
When a wall falls down and the light comes inAnd I cannot make it
And I cannot fake it
And I can't afford it
But it's mine
Something changed.
And if you wanted to see for yourself, let me introduce to two some mothers I met while visiting a Feed the Children water project in Samburu, Kenya. And I should tell you we could not speak a word of an understandable language to one another.
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