Word of the Week


One of my favorite parts of our Sunday morning gatherings is coffee hour. If you attend regularly or have ever attended Washington Plaza, you know that our coffee hour is more than coffee. It has morphed into a meal and even some weeks a very fancy meal!  And, even though plans are in the works to re-format this ministry to suit the needs of growing church, I am glad this is a tradition we are going to keep around for a while.

Sitting down for lunch  gives us all a chance to catch up with one another in a unrushed sort of way. It also gives visitors a chance to really get to know us in a way they wouldn't if they just came into the service and left after the last Amen.

When I get downstairs, it is fun, as the pastor, to walk around and see new and not so new folks enjoying one another's company.  Sometimes I get to hear pieces of conversation that encourage me about how lasting relationships are being build during Sunday lunch time.

This past week, I was walking over to greet a guest who was visiting with a child. I overheard one of our children talking to this mom and her son. The young Washington Plaza member said, "I like this church."

"Well, why?" the visitor asked.

"I used to go to a big church. I don't like big churches anymore. Their pastors are boring and don't talk to people. Here, the pastor and the church is not boring. You should come here."

Heartwarming moment for sure.

"Small churches" ARE good for strong fellowship and gaining friends who become a part of your extended family. And, I"m glad this "small church" pastor is not called boring.  At least for this week. . .

And, yes, I agree and tell guests also, "You should come here.  You'd like it too."