Word of the Week

Not Going As Planned

I have found myself with quite a sickness and have been at home most of the week.

This week has certainly not gone as planned.

I'm missed work, fun meetings and even a night we planned out with some friends. Though I feel better today, I'm still going at a slower pace.

But, alas, everyone gets sick from time to time. And the best thing to do when you've got a bug, it seems is to embrace it for what it is. Take long naps. Drink lots of hot tea and eat lots of soup. Read a book in bed and count this as your work for the day.

It is hard to be sick for someone who likes to work and loves what they do. But, it is good too.

Being sick  is one big dose of "I'm not in charge" and "Life can go on without me."

These are important truths to remember, especially in the pastorate. Church is never about the pastor. If it was, it would be destine to fail from the beginning. Church is about a community of people coming together for what is greater than just themselves. The pastor is only one small part of this.

I'm hoping, though, that me, the one small part of the community can return in better health and voice on Sunday!  I'm excited to return and contribute what I can.