Word of the Week

News flash

I've been offline for over a week now as my hard drive crashed for seemingly no reason at all.

After hours on the phone with Dell, countless hours of help from a church member who is good at the technical side of things, and working from my home computer (which wasn't very good), I am now back. My old computer is in the process of becoming a new computer as ALL the programs needed to be re-installed.

I will post something meaningful again soon.

Until then, here's my personal service announcement: do a back-up of your files today. I hadn't backed up in a couple of months and lost files and files of sermons, committee reports, pictures, etc. And, most of my email contacts are gone, so send me an email if you want me to rebuild my contacts with your name in it.

Yet no one died, so I'm trying to keep all the annoyance in perspective. Life will go on and hope yours has been lovely while I've been away!