Word of the Week

New Writing Venture

I recently started writing with Provokive Magazine, an online journal which seeks to address this:

In a world saturated with people shouting at each other, it’s rare to find a place where people can engage in conversation with each other. Provoketive Magazine hopes to change that. We’re creating a space of rich conversation about life, faith, justice and culture without judgment. Our desire is to provoke the reader’s imagination through conversation and open up spaces of dialogue, learning, and hope.

My first post for this site was formulated out of a conversation with a faithful blog reader and church member-- you know who you are 🙂 I hope that you will join me and others on the conversation at Provoketive. Here's a teaser to my piece called, "The Gym and the Church: I Can't Get to Either."

 . . . .I have to think this unique pastoral challenge of mine– getting butts in the pews as the old saying goes– is not so unique to my context. In our over simulated, over scheduled world especially among urban dwellers, attending to our soul through church involvement is often valued by the spiritual as important, but not important enough when sleeping in on Sunday morning seems all the better for life/ work balance. . . . Read more by clicking here.