Word of the Week

My Most Important Friend

gps-2The best wedding gift I received, hands down!

The youth at my previous church and their families gave it to me as a gift because I was always seeming to get lost when I took their kids home.  Several of them frequently told me, "I've never been anywhere with you without getting lost."

Even though I usually begin to find my way around after a while and do just fine, the whole sense of direction skill does not come to me naturally. I can easily turn left sometimes thinking I've turned right. Sad, I know.

Especially now, working  and living in a new part of town that I can not go anywhere without it.

I realized last night how addicted I had become to the GPS when I was trying to find a meeting at a church member's home that I hadn't been to yet. I got directions the "traditional" way- turn left, turn right here, etc and I just couldn't do it. My paying attention skills were worse than I thought! What has technology done to me?

I think that GPS for cars were made with pastors in mind. At a moment's notice at any given time you have to be somewhere you've never been before. Not that there aren't always better ways to get around than what it tells you to do, but sticking to it guiding voice means you will always get there eventually.

It gives me great peace of mind that with the address in hand, I could pretty much find my way anywhere. Well, unless it takes me through a tunnel . . .

Until then, I'll stick with my important sidekick with hopes I'll be at my next meeting on time.