Word of the Week

Missing Some Words

I have been reading over some previous posts and thus felt that this entry was necessary.

I love writing. I've always loved writing, especially when it comes to personal experiences. It is no chore to me to keep up with this blog. I actually find writing as one of the most relaxing tasks of my job-- sermons, newsletter articles, emails, and you name it. I love it.

But, I have this problem too.

I have created my own dictionary of spelling in my head. I know what the words mean, but often times, you don't when you see how I've formed the letters together. (I can out spell spell check, I've learned!)

I believe I have coherent thoughts to offer, but sometimes (often times) I leave out a sentence's key word that holds it all together.

I think that I understand what I hear, but then I reverse numbers or letters of a word when I am thinking quickly on the keyboard.

Maybe I have some sort of undiagnosed learning disability. Maybe my I'm really creative or just lazy.

Whatever it is, proofreading is not my favorite skill. And I do have a Master's Degree.

As you continue to read my posts, be reminded I am fully aware of this. I try. I really do, but sometimes there are just key words I leave out or misspell.

I trust that you will overlook my mistakes and keep reading anyway.

I know that excellence in writing is important, so I'll keep working on it.

In the meantime, know that it is a joy for me to blog as a ministry tool for my congregation and hope that it can be some  encouragement to you as well.