Word of the Week

Life Together

We are a growing church. Growing is good. But, growing pains have come to some groups and ministries.

There are some folks looking around saying: "This is not what the way we used to do before" or "I'm not sure I can learn to work together. I'd rather just do things my way alone"  or "Being community is tougher than I thought-- sometimes disagreements set in."

But, I'm not afraid as I know it is only naturally a part of the progress of being a healthy and a life-giving church. With strong leadership, as I feel we have in place, we are going to get through this year being better off than we started it.

On Monday, January 25th, I will begin leading a new book study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's classic work: Life Together.

I begin this class, with a five-week committment for those who choose to join, as a response to those of us who are seeking spiritual footing for being a local body that works together well.

My hope is for those who attend the class is that we may grow closer together in the process-- learning to understand one another's strengthens and weakness, learning to bear with one another in the days alone and the days together, learning how to speak helpful truth into one another's lives so that our being together leads to productive growth.

If you'd like more information on this class or other opportunities to dialogue with me or others about how we can be more Biblically and spiritually focused on community life in the coming months, please email me.

I'm looking forward to what this study (and others like it, coming soon) will hold for all of us.