Word of the Week

It's No Small Thing

An important part of my pastoral philosophy centers on celebration. When something good happens, no matter how small it seems, it needs to be recognized and enjoyed.

Such moments encourage me to keep going knowing that we're on a good path. I hope they do the same for you.

Here are some of our recent celebrations:

Our CHOIR is growing and provides such inspiration to our worship services and community life. They've recently added a bench to their seating area to accomodate the new members. And, have enough women to have a whole 2nd soprano section. We are all looking forward to their Christmas Concert on Saturday, December 6th at 6:30 pm. (Here's a scene from a small group rehearsal yesterday after church).

We also have NEW sign outside our building. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our Outreach team and the approval of the Reston Design Review Board, it was installed last week. We're so glad to have our logo on it in color and extra lines for text, so that more information can be shared with the community about our activities and services. And, special thanks to Mary Mass for being our faithful sign changer!

And, lastly, I'm very excited about the efforts of folks to take greater ownership of the beauty of our  building both inside and out. We had a wonderful church workday on Saturday to clean-up the backyard area with several new members attending. The walkways and side yard that were covered in leaves now looks great!

And, we've had a group of ladies doing some re-design to the walls inside the church too. Be watching for the completion of the "historic hall" on the 3rd floor containing  more framed pictures and art to tell the story of the church's beginnings. On the main level, we resurrected this beautiful sign (that none of us knew existed) from the backside of a closet. It now hangs in the entry way. The hope is that our foyer is as welcoming and inviting as we are as a church.

Stay tuned for more celebrations. As always, with God's power working in us, God will do in and through us more than we could ever ask for or imagine.