Word of the Week

Having it all together?

I am continually amazed at people of faith that I encounter that seem to have it all together.

They have answers to every question nicely summed up in a Bible verse.

They are always smiling.

Their problems are summed up in the statement: "God will make a way."

They seem to have no need to explore anything outside of their comfort zone.

I guess, I am in awe of such folks because faith like this has never worked for me (even though in my early years I tried such a path).

Now, I just don't understand how faith can be summed up in simple statements. I don't understand how such a path of faith can bring happiness. I just don't understand how you can read the Bible literally and it still can make any sense.

I'm actually a bit scared of faith that seems to be nicely wrapped together like a pretty Christmas package.

I like to frown sometimes. Sometimes I'm sad and need to grieve.

I like to ask questions.

I like to say that often I'm unsure as to why bad things happen in the world without quoting something to explain the pain away.

Because the more I know, it seems the more I don't know at the same time. And the more I am willing to encounter those who look at life from a different perspective from me. 

As I begin to think about what I will be preaching in the next couple of days, the high days of the Christian season, I will keep these ideas close to my heart.  Hoping that as I continue to ask lots of questions and be a continual student of my faith, I might be closer to God's plan for my existence as I go.