Word of the Week

Five Years

Five years ago today I moved to DC for the first time.

What an amazing five years these have been! The direction of my life, my theology and my focus for ministry has been shaped and formed in more ways than I can count over these last five years.

Today I give thanks for these many gifts that the Washington, DC metro area has given me:

  • A supportive home church in which I was ordained
  • Support of the DC Baptist Convention which endorsed my ministry credentials even though I came as an "outsider"
  • My first full-time ministry position
  • The opportunity to live as my southern family members say, "up north"
  • Amazing friends of all different positions in life, ages, cultures, etc who have been a constant presence of support over the ups and downs of these years
  • My husband (who saw this one coming?)
  • My first solo pastorate
  • My love of Thai food, walking through the city streets with no particular plans, and figuring out ways to fight traffic
  • And, soon to be our first purchased home!

Where would I be without DC? I certainly know I would not be the same person I am today. I am glad to be a resident of this wonderful region and I look forward to all that the next five years holds for Kevin and I and for the people of Washington Plaza.

Word to the wise, never under-estimate a dream, an internet search and a gut feeling of "I think I need to do this" even if all isn't clear at the time! What you might find, as I have, is that more blessings than you could ever imagine were waiting a you keep trusting, praying and being open to what was new.

Five years: thank you, you've been the best yet!