Word of the Week

Covenant Making

As we continued on in the "Dare to be Different" sermon series today- our topic was about a different kind of power.

Seemed like a pretty appropriate value to talk about considering that this is the weekend we celebrate our national power. Discussing this topic as maybe there might be a narrative of the Christian faith that could help direct our celebrations.

In 2 Samuel 5, the elders of Israel come to David asking him to be their king after a long period of unrest and uncertainity about the kingdom's future. David agrees to rule over not only the tribes of Judah but of all 12. In this agreement, David and the people make covenant with one another. It is David's way of showing a different kind of power.

In my sermon today, it seemed appropriate to remind all of us about the covenant making Washington Plaza did on a cold, snowy Sunday afternoon only a few months ago.

I share them again here as a way to continue in the path of covenant keeping. Let us all remember what our responsiblities are to God and to one another. Even in the summer months of vacation and rest, there is much work to do.

March 1, 2009: Washington Plaza Baptist Church and Rev. Elizabeth Evans Hagan are entering into a covenant with one another – these are the expectations for both parties:

Pastor Responsibilities:

 Provide spiritual leadership for the WPBC congregation.

 Prepare for and lead Sunday worship service, including the observance of ordinances of the church.  Promote diversity and social justice.

 Provide leadership and coordination in stewardship and evangelism.  Perform weddings and baptisms, and conduct funerals as needed.

 Perform administrative duties related to office, staff and property maintenance that are necessary to coordinating the life and ministry of the church.

 With guidance from the Personnel Committee, provide supervision to the WPBC Choir Director and the WPBC Church Administrator.

 Attend and help facilitate staff meetings.

 Provide short-term pastoral counseling for members and their families as needed.

 Visit members in the hospital.

 Visit homebound members.

 Be an Ex-officio on WPBC Committees and the Church Council.

Responsibilities of the Congregation:

 Be active in worship.

 Be faithful in Bible Study.

 Support spiritual, emotional, and physical care for members and non-members.

 Be faithful in personal stewardship of time and money.

 Support congregational growth in membership and stewardship.

 Be committed to WPBC’s Mission and Goals.

 Support Evangelism and the Outreach Programs.

 Attend and participate in WPBC Congregational meetings.

 Complete questionnaires and surveys when requested by the WPBC Senior Pastor or WPBC Church Council.