Word of the Week

A Choral Prayer for Today

Yesterday, Kevin and I had the opportunity to fill in as choir members during an afternoon concert in our community.

Through a personal connection to our own church administrator, our fabulous choir was asked to sing at a benefit for SHARE, an organization that seeks to help the homeless and needy families in Great Falls and McLean. The event was held at Charles Wesley United Methodist in McLean, VA.

At the concert, we heard stories from the President of SHARE (which I didn't know there were many homeless in McLean-- one of the wealthiest areas of the DC region, but hey, I learned something new). All of us were asked to bring household items like diapers, laundry detergent, and toilet paper to help stock their food pantry or to leave money at the door for the organization that does so much good in the Northern Virginia community. It was an inspirational afternoon of using music to bring attention to a cause worth talking a lot about!

As our group was singing the piece: "God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending" to the popular hymn tune BEACH SPRING, with words by Robert Edwards, I was particularly touched by the text which I've probably heard before, but struck me differently on this day. I share words here with-- a beautiful prayer of asking God to be present in all we do:

God, whose giving knows no ending, from your rich and endless store;

Nature's wonder, Jesus' wisdom, ocstly cross, grave's shattered door,

Gifted by you, we turn to you, offering up ourselves in praise:

Thankful song shall rise forever, gracious donor of our days.

Skills and time our ours for pressing, toward the goals of Christ your son:

All at peace in health and freedom, races joined the Church made one,

Now direct our daily labor, lest we strive for self alone:

Born with talents, make us servants, fit to answer at your throne.

Treasure, too, you have entrusted, gain through pow'rs your grace conferred;

Ours to use, for home and kindred, and to spread the gospel word.

Open wide our hands in sharing, as we heed Christ's ageless call,

Healing, teaching, and reclaiming, serving you by serving all.